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List of Topics and Rights

The principal fundamental rights as laid down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights may directly be related to the international procedures available in the case of human rights violations in an African State.

Please choose any right from the subsequent list:

In order to be best informed about the available international procedures in the case of a human rights violation, the following steps should be undertaken:

  1. Identify the fundamental right proclaimed in the  Universal Declaration of Human Rights which the State has violated.
  2. Identify the situation (personal, geographical, factual, …) in which the violation took place. For instance:
    • Is a child, a handicapped person or a migrant worker victim of a violation of a fundamental right?
    • Did this violation occur in Africa?
  3. Identify the a priori competent organ(s) with respect to the violated rights and the situation identified before.
  4. In order to determine whether an action is conceivable and under which condition check the competences and methods of work of this organ.

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