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MONUC – UN Mission in the D.R. Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo and five regional States signed the Lusaka Ceasefire Agreement in July 1999. To maintain liaison with the parties and carry out other tasks, the UN Security Council set up MONUC on 30 November 1999, incorporating UN personnel authorized in earlier resolutions.

One of the issues it is dealing with is “to facilitate humanitarian assistance and human rights monitoring, with particular attention to vulnerable groups including women, children and demobilized child soldiers, as MONUC deems within its capabilities and under acceptable security conditions, in close cooperation with other United Nations agencies, related organizations and non-governmental organizations”.

In the UN Security Council resolution 1565 (2004) of 1 October 2004 it was specified that the mission should “assist in the promotion and protection of human rights, with particular attention to women, children and vulnerable persons, investigate human rights violations to put an end to impunity, and continue to cooperate with efforts to ensure that those responsible for serious violations of human rights and international humanitarian law are brought to justice, while working closely with the relevant agencies of the United Nations”.

The mission’s human rights branch pays special regard to combat sexual violence.


MONUC Headquarters Kinshasa
Post Box Kinshasa BP 8811
Kinshasa 1
DR Congo
Tel: +243-81 / 890-6000
Fax: +243 / 890-56208


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