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Implementation by the National Contact Point

In each country that adheres to the OECD Guidelines, a National Contact Point (NCP) is charged to promote, diffuse and implement them. At the OECD level, a committee named CIME (Committee on International Investments and Multinational Enterprises) is committed to the harmonisation of the national practices.

The National Contact Point in France:

M. Julien Rencki
Ministère de l’Economie, des Finances et de l’Emploi
Direction Générale du Trésor et de la Politique Economique
Service des Affaires Multilatérales et du Développement '
Sous-direction des affaires financières internationales et du développement
139, rue de Bercy
75572 Paris cedex 12   
Tel: (33) 01 44 87 73 60
Fax: (33) 01 53 18 76 56
Email: julien.rencki(at),

The National Contact Point in Germany:

Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie
- Auslandsinvestitionen VC3 -
Scharnhorststrasse 34-37
10115 Berlin
Tel: (49-30) 2014 75 21
Fax: (49-30) 2014 5378

The National Contact Point has to respond to the enquiries which are submitted to them to verify the conformity with the OECD Guidelines on the behaviour of a multinational enterprise whose place of business or one of the facilities is installed in the country. The procedure foreseen is as follows.

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