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Examples of Examined Cases

National Contact Point of France

Examined Case: Forced labour in Burma and means to tackle the problem because French multinationals invest in the country.

Notification Date: January 2001

Country of Reception: Burma

Chapter of the Guidelines: IV. Employment and Industrial Relations

Commentaries: The procedure is closed. The recommendations have been adopted by the enterprises operating in Burma.
The French NCP has published a press communiqué in March 2002:

National Contact Point of Germany

Examined Case: Violation of workers’ and trade union rights (closure of a factory of the Continental AG without prior notification of workers and trade unions)   

Notification Date: May 2002

Country of Reception: Mexico

Chapter of the Guidelines: IV Employment and Industrial Relations

Commentaries: The NCP Germany accepted the complaint, but transferred the case to the NCP Mexico. A delegation from Mexico discussed the case in May 2004 in Berlin and Brussels. After three years of strike against the unlawful closure by the Continental AG the factory reopened in January 2005.

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