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UN Peacekeeping Missions

Currently, the United Nations run several Peace Keeping Operations in Africa. Most of them have a specialized section that mainly deals with human rights issues. These missions are:

MINURCAT – UN Mission in the Central African Republic and Chad

UNAMID – AU / UN Hybrid operation in Darfur

UNMIS – UN Mission in Sudan

UNOCI – UN Mission in Cote d’Ivoire

UNMIL – UN Mission in Liberia

MONUC – UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

BINUB – UN Integrated Office in Burundi

Peacekeeping missions are not instruments to claim individual human rights. However, through monitoring, analysis and capacity building on human rights in the countries under concern, they may be instrumental to frame any individual case originating from that country.

Last change: 22.09.11 - 09:58